23 December 2013

And to you a safe and happy festive season

So that time has arrived again...

Most of the presents are bought and wrapped!! Usually we are wrapping until the wee hours of Christmas Day but we have managed to get them done....

Family gatherings are planned and (almost) catered for...

One final thing to do...

Wishing you all a
Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Take care
Threadneedle Craft and family

17 November 2013

Christmas Quilting - Not two words I would usually put together

Our local quilt group is called the Spa Quilters.  A lovely bunch of creative ladies that have so much skill and knowledge I try to go and just gather information on how to do things.....

Each year there is a challenge and the decision was make to make some thing Christmassy..... You could say whether or not you would go in the challenge in March. We were given a piece of felt, some ribbon and two pieces of fabric.

Yes I did say I would do the challenge in March.......

Suddenly .... it is the start of November (that is roughly when I actually started this)... and it is due to be finished by the end of the month....AARRGGHH.... What was I thinking???? Where has all my time gone. I couldn't back out... the threat of having to judge the challenge loomed....

And of course I could do something simple but no - I planned what I would do in October (when I still had heaps of time).... so I had to work out how to make a hole in a quilt....(hellooo google...)

Well now you can see it - almost done.

If I am feeling brave (insane) there might be a bit more going on it but basically it is done...except for the stitching, finishing the binding, trimming the threads........ yes I know, back to work.

02 November 2013

Anna Tunic

I have knitted a few things of late but something I haven't done for a very long time is sew something for myself....that I will wear and enjoy.

Like many, I didn't enjoy sewing at high school with the "though shalt sew straight lines until they are straight!!!" approach .... But when I started working I couldn't afford all the clothes I wanted.

Purchasing my first sewing machine at 20 (Mums old and heavy Singer was on loan for ages) I started sewing clothes for both myself and some friends....

Then.... nothing for a whole lot of years (ahem we are not going to say how many....) The odd mend or two with a few curtains and cushions thrown in, but basically not much. More hand stitching that was portable.

But now I have finished the Anna Tunic designed by Amy Butler in Collage Bird Dot I can see a whole bunch of clothing happening....

25 October 2013

The Cherry Blossom Princess

I was hoping that this would have been available for the School Holidays but unfortunately it came in just a bit too late to add to the collection of activities.

We did Owlivia a while ago and that was hugely popular...

So when the Cherry Blossom Princess was shown to me I had to bring her into our shop...

If you look closely you will see that at this point she was a little bit pinny!!!

But I do love that details they have included...

So here she is in all her glory - de-pinned and thoroughly finished... (I am on a roll finishing stuff!!!)

17 October 2013

Guess How Much I Love You....

I have talked about this on Facebook and Twitter but I thought I should show the Guess How Much I Love You quilt that I made very recently.

This is the quilt to before it was quilted.  It sat there looking at me for a couple of weeks and then I thought I really should get on to finishing it.

I don't know about you but I think this is a lovely story and have read it many times to my two boys.... In fact my oldest (who is now taller than me at 13!!!) saw it and simply said... "Mum... to the moon and back!!"

 (I am guessing if I tried to read it to them now I would get an extreme eye-roll or "Can't you see I am on the playstation/playing minecraft/etc/etc !!!!!)

The fabric is available at our on-line shop (the backing fabric is also at our shop but is not online and not part of the GHMILY range).

And no, I don't have the book available for sale... too many memories in mine..

21 September 2013

HiJinks first and then School Holidays... what ... wait.... already

I am really trying to catch up but seem to get even further behind. One thing I have to say that has been really enjoyable has been catching up with some crafty minded souls. Last weekend I went to Crafty Hijinks in Ballarat and had a great time.  (Thanks Nicole of Dabbling all day for letting me use your photo - much better than anything I took!!)

The dynamic duo Gillian and Jodie doing their stuff!!
Photo by Nicole
It seems like an age ago I got the chance to sit, giggle, eat lollies and oh yes... sew with friends.  A really lovely time... Congratulations to both Jodie and Gillian for all the effort put in we all had a great time.

Usually during this school holidays we do some different sorts of craft activities and try not to think of Christmas.  Until this year....

Bead & Ribbon Tree
 We have always tried to do something "Christmassy" just before Christmas but we usually find that the kids are absolutely exhausted in December so apart from a couple of successful soft toys we have not done too many after school classes.

Yo Yo Tree
So this time its operation Christmas Decoration during the School Hols.

Felt Bauble
As you can see we have quite a few different designs to do. You can see our program here. And maybe we will see you at one of our classes!!

31 August 2013

Starting and Finishing (or should that be finishing and starting and finishing??)

Its been a long time between posts..... what with book fairs, school, parents and winter it seems that August has flown.... Hopefully September will bring some nicer (and consistant) weather.

But I haven't been (too) lazy - well I probably have but we wont go down that path.....

Finally, after in excess of 600 rows of knitting the Clara shawl/scarf its finished.

I absolutely love wearing it and it lives at the shop on the mannekin when not in use. Noro wool is lovely to work with.... it sort of feels rough as you start but once it is knitted it softens up beautifully.

So having finished one thing I had to start yet another bag - even though there are heaps of works in progress being ignored at home.

Here is the Kitchen Garden Bag by Charlie's Aunt.  I think one of my favourite bag designers of late.

  I have made it with our milled wool Lucy Blue.  When I started I thought it would be quite dark so I put in the mustard coloured lining.

But, once again Emma Brennan of Charlie's Aunt has made a pattern that just works really well.

It is suppose to have buttons on the front but I am not sure whether I will put them on or not.

On to the next unplanned project.....

01 August 2013

Noro Knitting - Addiction Maybe??

I have talked about this in Twitter and it is still not finished....

This book, Noro Vintage, arrived a while ago and I just loved the different designs that were available.  Jane Ellison is amazing with her patterns for Noro

 So then I opened it to the pattern Clara - the picture shows the long version - there is a shorter version

Now to be perfectly honest I definitely don't look like this (read short and greying!! Hello hair dye), so I am not going to do a picture of my swanning around in this ... just show you it using Silk Garden 309 but really any Noro would work.

Since this photo it has grown quite a bit - now I am up to reducing the stitches... so here it is now

Definitely a new addiction kicking in here.... (let it be known that while the pattern is one page in the book - for me to get my "pattern head" on, I had to write it out in detail..definitely a knitter in training here).

With any luck it should be finished by end of the winter...

24 June 2013


Have you met Owlivia?

She is rather colourful and loves to sit and watch the world go by.... But I am sure she would also like to go to a sleepover, eat chocolate and watch movies....

Owlivia is a panel that contains all instructions and details on how to create her.

And she is one of the things we will be doing during the School Holidays.  We will also be doing a beading project, papercraft and another sewing project during that time. You can find the details on our website. If you're in Daylesford for the hols, drop in and say Hi!!

But if you just want to by the panel, you can find it here (panel is 60cm wide)

07 June 2013

When Cheery met Bubbly

A long time ago I made Bubbly the Scrappy Soft Owl.  She is a clever design by Jhoanna Monte of One Red Robin design (and a talented artist as well - check out her new website here).

Well, Jhoanna has other designs and I have had my eye on a particularly fine looking monkey. And as I still have some of that lovely milled wool, I thought it was time to make a Cheery Chimp.

They seem to like each others company on the table.

Now who is next.....

30 May 2013

Bags and stuff!!

I have been working on finishing things for a while and am happy to report that the Tranquility quilt top made so long ago has now been finished and gifted.

 A little bit of hand quilting on some of the flowers... but mainly machined.

And the person it was for is a bit of a purple girl so hence the mauve spot back.

A very long time ago I started a bag pattern by Monica Poole called Blooming Bags.

 While a little bit difficult it was great to learn a few more techniques. She gives you the details on how to make this flower.

Which is removable using brooch backs.

So here it is.... the fabric used is some of Kaffe Fassett's prints and shot cottons which I am in love with. (Shot Cottong, Bordeaux and Primula in Magenta)

We just got in this book as well - some amazing quilt designs in this one.  Now that the weather has improved (for crafting) I am making plans to start to finish and to continue....

14 April 2013

Wool, glorious wool

I had planned to write a blog before Easter, the before the school holidays finished but the best laid plans have yet again fallen by the wayside....(it is the last day of school hols at least!!)

Just before the school holidays started, we received a whole bunch of wool from a local supplier, Tailored Strands...

You might remember our two alpacas (they are a bit bigger and a bit naughtier now - read chasing ducks out of their paddock and sticking their noses in the food before we can even get out of the container!!

Well we actually bought them from John at Tailored Strands and each year he comes and shears them and takes the wool as part of the arrangement (believe me when I say although spinning sounds amazing I simply cannot add another type of craft to the list!!)

So for quite some time we have been thinking about putting some of his wool in the shop and now we have - and now we can even say that there could be a little bit of our own will in there!!!

Soon this will be available via our website but I have to tell you that it is so amazingly soft and light - I absolutely adore it.

This cowl was a free pattern and can now be found on ravelry  (fable cable cowl) and came together beautifully.  I knitted it in Suri Silk Wool from John which is a combination of Alpaca, Finn Sheep and silk.

 So now if it is a nice cold winter - well I will just have to do some knitting wont I?