02 November 2013

Anna Tunic

I have knitted a few things of late but something I haven't done for a very long time is sew something for myself....that I will wear and enjoy.

Like many, I didn't enjoy sewing at high school with the "though shalt sew straight lines until they are straight!!!" approach .... But when I started working I couldn't afford all the clothes I wanted.

Purchasing my first sewing machine at 20 (Mums old and heavy Singer was on loan for ages) I started sewing clothes for both myself and some friends....

Then.... nothing for a whole lot of years (ahem we are not going to say how many....) The odd mend or two with a few curtains and cushions thrown in, but basically not much. More hand stitching that was portable.

But now I have finished the Anna Tunic designed by Amy Butler in Collage Bird Dot I can see a whole bunch of clothing happening....


  1. Lovely fabric and well done you!
    I confess to also not having made clothes for myself for many years. The last attempt was in the 90s and came out okay. Earlier this year I made a dress to wear to my niece's wedding and it came up brilliantly! I impressed myself as well.
    With access to the fabric ranges you have, there will be more lovely and original items being made up for sure! :)

    1. Thanks Robyn... the only problem is I want to use all the fabric in the shop!!!
      Its nice to get back into sewing clothes though