19 February 2012

Fusible Vinyl

I got this amazing stuff in a while ago.  It took me a while to get a chance to play with it but it has been worth the wait.

The Make It range have done it again with this fusible vinyl.  It can be applied to any cotton or linen (to date that is all I have put it on but stay tuned).  All you do is iron your fabric really well (no creases) then peel off the vinyl from its backing and using the paper it came off (or a tea towel) iron it straight on to the right side of the fabric.

So far I have made two bags with plans for more things. 

The monkey fabric was turned through to make the front and looked quite creased when I did that.  So I went back to the ironing board and simply ironed it again.  This stuff is seriously awesome as the creases disappeared!!!

With the bird bag, I simply used bias binding and had to pin it all together - again a bit of ironing and all is good again.

I am quite proud of this second bag as the design is from my head......  And it worked!!!!

Just make sure that you cover the whole vinyl with something before you iron or it will cause holes.  It does come with some instructions as well which is great.

If you would like to play with the fusible vinyl you can buy it from our on-line shop or come in and have a look at it... I am sure I will be playing some more very soon...  I want to see if it can cover a stitchery.... if so I am absolutely hooked.