17 October 2013

Guess How Much I Love You....

I have talked about this on Facebook and Twitter but I thought I should show the Guess How Much I Love You quilt that I made very recently.

This is the quilt to before it was quilted.  It sat there looking at me for a couple of weeks and then I thought I really should get on to finishing it.

I don't know about you but I think this is a lovely story and have read it many times to my two boys.... In fact my oldest (who is now taller than me at 13!!!) saw it and simply said... "Mum... to the moon and back!!"

 (I am guessing if I tried to read it to them now I would get an extreme eye-roll or "Can't you see I am on the playstation/playing minecraft/etc/etc !!!!!)

The fabric is available at our on-line shop (the backing fabric is also at our shop but is not online and not part of the GHMILY range).

And no, I don't have the book available for sale... too many memories in mine..

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