21 September 2013

HiJinks first and then School Holidays... what ... wait.... already

I am really trying to catch up but seem to get even further behind. One thing I have to say that has been really enjoyable has been catching up with some crafty minded souls. Last weekend I went to Crafty Hijinks in Ballarat and had a great time.  (Thanks Nicole of Dabbling all day for letting me use your photo - much better than anything I took!!)

The dynamic duo Gillian and Jodie doing their stuff!!
Photo by Nicole
It seems like an age ago I got the chance to sit, giggle, eat lollies and oh yes... sew with friends.  A really lovely time... Congratulations to both Jodie and Gillian for all the effort put in we all had a great time.

Usually during this school holidays we do some different sorts of craft activities and try not to think of Christmas.  Until this year....

Bead & Ribbon Tree
 We have always tried to do something "Christmassy" just before Christmas but we usually find that the kids are absolutely exhausted in December so apart from a couple of successful soft toys we have not done too many after school classes.

Yo Yo Tree
So this time its operation Christmas Decoration during the School Hols.

Felt Bauble
As you can see we have quite a few different designs to do. You can see our program here. And maybe we will see you at one of our classes!!

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  1. And I am belatedly saying a huge thankyou to you for all your help with organisation and ideas and donations and everything you did to make it happen.