20 August 2010

Izzy and Archie

By now you have met Izzy and Archie on Jodie Carleton's Blog.

Some of you may know that Izzy and Archie made an appearance at the Daylesford Craft Experience.  Both Zoe, at Purl's Palace, and I did a version of them for the weekend.

Here are my froggy friends in all their finery ...

I must say, that Archie is the typical boy as his pants continue to fall down (maybe I should have used tighter elastic). 

Here is a picture of the cape - you've gotta have an "super" emblem!!!

Here is the back of the gorgeous little dress with Ernst and Pebble featuring in the embroidered design. 

Now for the interesting part ... 

We still have a few of these kits available.  They include all the froggy and dress fabric, threads and bias binding - all you need are buttons and stuffing. 

A full kit (including pattern) is $35 plus p&h.  Just drop me a line if you would like one.

14 August 2010

Sweetie Petites

I know I was going to talk more about Izzy and Archie, but I had to show you these ...

Sweetie Petites
Aren't they cute?? 

They are called "Sweetie Petites" and are from The Red Thread.  Their names are (from L-R) Freddie, Mimi, Molly, Ginger and Daisy, and they come individually as kits for $20. 

Each kit contains instructions, printed fabric (each one has a "little friend") and toy fill to make it up.

I'm going to make Freddie today ...

11 August 2010

Sample Scarf and Happy Pails

As you probably know Jodie from Ric Rac has been quite ill with whooping cough but now thankfully appears to be on the road to recovery. 

Jodie created these Sample Scarves for our Craft Experience.  This is a great one to make up in any way you want.  Zoe at Purl's Palace also has two different styles as well and they looked fantastic in the oriental fabrics.  (In this one it looks like we have 6 different fabrics but I just turned one around! - Jodie's idea not mine!!!).  I might add that I didn't foundation piece this one although doing so would give it a bit more body.

And next was Happy Pails - We all know what little boys and girls are made of!  These were great to make and look fantastic.  In fact I am about to turn them into an after school class.

There were two little frogs that also made an appearance at the Daylesford Craft Experience.  You may have seen them on Jodie's Blog here .  Will give them their own post next....

06 August 2010

"Daylesford Buds" & "Stuffies"

This is "Daylesford Buds" from our lovely Daylesford Craft Experience

I thought you might want to take a closer look at this fabulous handbag design from Melly & me

Zoe from Purl's Palace had a gorgeous version as well, using oriental fabrics.  I only wish that I could blanket stitch so neatly! 

I should mention that our bag had a 2" (finished) strap, which is smaller than the one in the pattern - the choice of course is yours. 

And these are the gorgeous "Stitch & Stuffs" by Melly & me

The beautiful Angel was included in the goodies bag at the retreat, along with the threads required.  The Giraffe, Bear and Bunny were in the kit along with a fat quarter for the reverse. 

I'm loving the weaveline fabric that Melly recommended. 

I will try to find some better photos of each designers' projects so that you can get a better look.


In my last post, I forgot to thank a few more people & I would like to do so now:

Spotlight was very kind to give us vouchers that were given out during our amazing "show & tell".
Rare Yarns & Australian Knitting Magazine were also very kind in letting us copy some of Zoe's patterns for the goodies bags.