01 August 2013

Noro Knitting - Addiction Maybe??

I have talked about this in Twitter and it is still not finished....

This book, Noro Vintage, arrived a while ago and I just loved the different designs that were available.  Jane Ellison is amazing with her patterns for Noro

 So then I opened it to the pattern Clara - the picture shows the long version - there is a shorter version

Now to be perfectly honest I definitely don't look like this (read short and greying!! Hello hair dye), so I am not going to do a picture of my swanning around in this ... just show you it using Silk Garden 309 but really any Noro would work.

Since this photo it has grown quite a bit - now I am up to reducing the stitches... so here it is now

Definitely a new addiction kicking in here.... (let it be known that while the pattern is one page in the book - for me to get my "pattern head" on, I had to write it out in detail..definitely a knitter in training here).

With any luck it should be finished by end of the winter...

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