14 April 2013

Wool, glorious wool

I had planned to write a blog before Easter, the before the school holidays finished but the best laid plans have yet again fallen by the wayside....(it is the last day of school hols at least!!)

Just before the school holidays started, we received a whole bunch of wool from a local supplier, Tailored Strands...

You might remember our two alpacas (they are a bit bigger and a bit naughtier now - read chasing ducks out of their paddock and sticking their noses in the food before we can even get out of the container!!

Well we actually bought them from John at Tailored Strands and each year he comes and shears them and takes the wool as part of the arrangement (believe me when I say although spinning sounds amazing I simply cannot add another type of craft to the list!!)

So for quite some time we have been thinking about putting some of his wool in the shop and now we have - and now we can even say that there could be a little bit of our own will in there!!!

Soon this will be available via our website but I have to tell you that it is so amazingly soft and light - I absolutely adore it.

This cowl was a free pattern and can now be found on ravelry  (fable cable cowl) and came together beautifully.  I knitted it in Suri Silk Wool from John which is a combination of Alpaca, Finn Sheep and silk.

 So now if it is a nice cold winter - well I will just have to do some knitting wont I?

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