23 November 2010

Resin Casting

You might have seen on Jodie's blog a little while ago about our having two resin classes with Sylvia from Schmookville.  Here are of some of the molds we used with their precious cargo. As you can see we didn't restrict ourselves at all.

Bangles with lichen and moss

The makings of a necklace
Using Colour
Sylvia was fantastic in describing how to mix the resin and what things work or not in the resin.  Most importantly it was all about having fun and experimenting with colour and textured items.

The second week involved taking them out and sanding away all the excess bits and pieces.  I had to take a photo - just couldn't resist - meet the masked avengers!!  As you can see files and sandpaper at the ready.

Now for the results....  You can see how stunning the results can be.... And this isn't all that was completed.

I managed to pour a bracelet and a ring but have yet to finished the sanding.....

Bracelet has paper in it and the ring has a piece of tatting

I think everyone had a great time thanks to Sylvia's fantastic teaching skills and enthusiasm. 

We will definitely do this again next year.  Next time it will be a longer course - making our own molds. 
Drop me an email if you would like to join in the fun.

03 November 2010

Bubbly the Scrappy Owl

I have been thinking about a number of things to write about this week, but have settled for the one toy that I really enjoyed making the most of late.

Meet Bubbly the Scrappy Owl who was created by the talented Jhoanna of One Red Robin

He has been on my mind for quite some time now and when some fantastic woven wool pieces from Moda arrived, I knew it was time. 

The wool packs contain eight 12" squares of varying colours in either a bright or natural range (I used the natural).  I used about half of the squares to make him, joining two different colours for his back.

My boys have also given their seal of approval ..... Lachlan wants him to come home permanently .... so we might just end up with two in the family...

Dont forget the fabulous Makers Market is on again this weekend - if you get a chance drop in and say Hi.