21 March 2015

Ottoman - Large size

Given it has been a long time between posts I thought I would give you a quick update on the Ottoman exercise...

Started the one for home making the "pattern" 20% bigger. This is the back of our old couch that had never seen the light of day and was still in good condition (the front was fraying to shreds and had that decidedly grubby look of boys growing up with it...)

This one also has some seriously heavy duty interfacing (ie swear inducing sewing was required as the stuff became so stiff I could barely move it) to keep the shape.

Stuffing - I think I mentioned that I used clean old cushion inserts so that I didn't have all the "air" in them.  Well this one has on complete old couch feather and foam cushion insert in it with a few more feathers.

Yes I had to open the bag and yes I am still finding feathers in the back of the shop.

It also has about three cushions to get in to all the corners.

But its done - I think I made it firmer than it needed to be but I am happy with the result.

The only thing now is to stop the boys throwing it around (v. heavy) and using as a weapon!!!

Another large size is getting made for a friend... sigh... after my fingers recover.