02 April 2014

Let's Pretend.....

How do you end that sentence.....

I like to pretend that I am actually going to finish all the projects I have started.....

Or maybe that my corners are perfect.... my soft toys are stuffed correctly and don't have lumpy bits.... or that my knitting is so even that people will gasp in wonder!!!
(I like to pretend with a strong positive theme)

We all used to pretend so well when we were little... and this little range certainly triggered some memories.

When I say little, there are only three elements to the range that we have and I added just a little of the blue homespun sashing.

It's not huge but it is a sweet little quilt that was fun to do.

And the final pretend..... that it is actually finished - still with pins in, and needing some hand stitching... But, well, lets pretend anyway

(The backing fabric is called Fun - Rain White)

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