12 February 2014

Novella - time to finish

Novella fabric... It's different, its multi coloured... And I wondered what I was thinking...

So I cut some up into squares and played... (squares and Novella strips are 2.5" - chocolate strips are 1.5")

And realised that it all works together... I mean it should as it is a range... but it really does.

So I kept going for a while and ended up with a quilt top. Which means I had to make a back.

(If I can I will try and use all my leftovers on the back). The spot is not part of the range but works really well.

And now I have picked the binding - again not part of the range but I do love using a stripe on the binding.

I might just add that it was suppose to be quilted in January .... then it turned hot - really hot - so it has been put on the cool weather pile.

Oh well, on the next thing ..... Happy stitching!

1 comment:

  1. It really does work, doesn't it Merrilyn.
    I think I know what you mean. Sometimes it is as much about the choice of block and layout that can make it right or wrong. I also love a good stripe for binding. Nice work. And, yep; it's been very hot for quilting. I admire people who won't let the weather get in their way. I'm too much the wuss.