12 February 2014

Novella - time to finish

Novella fabric... It's different, its multi coloured... And I wondered what I was thinking...

So I cut some up into squares and played... (squares and Novella strips are 2.5" - chocolate strips are 1.5")

And realised that it all works together... I mean it should as it is a range... but it really does.

So I kept going for a while and ended up with a quilt top. Which means I had to make a back.

(If I can I will try and use all my leftovers on the back). The spot is not part of the range but works really well.

And now I have picked the binding - again not part of the range but I do love using a stripe on the binding.

I might just add that it was suppose to be quilted in January .... then it turned hot - really hot - so it has been put on the cool weather pile.

Oh well, on the next thing ..... Happy stitching!


  1. It really does work, doesn't it Merrilyn.
    I think I know what you mean. Sometimes it is as much about the choice of block and layout that can make it right or wrong. I also love a good stripe for binding. Nice work. And, yep; it's been very hot for quilting. I admire people who won't let the weather get in their way. I'm too much the wuss.

  2. Ich könnte nur hinzufügen, dass es angenommen, wurde im Januar gesteppt werden .... dann drehte es heiß - sehr heiß - so hat es auf dem kühlen Wetter Stapel gelegt.

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