13 September 2014

The Quillow... and ... wait for it ... a family holiday!!!

I know it has been a while - months are definitely missing and I am sure they were there when I last looked!!!

So apart from the usual faffing around that I do, I decided to make a quillow.

I am not sure if that is the correct term but it is the one I have heard. We were given one when our first son was born and initially I was thinking …what will I do with this???

Then we started walking to the park and the pocket was great for a nappy or two, some wipes and any other things that you seem to need with a baby.  It would get chucked under the pram and away we would go. It also was thrown in the car as a back-up pillow or blanket while driving

So I thought I should have a go at making them…
The size is about 1.1m x 0.7m. It’s a sort of not too big, not too small size that seems to work. (These are all finished sizes).

The cushion pocket should be wide so I use about 0.40m by 0.30m. Any leftover fabric I use for another smaller cushion pocket – and a handle if I have enough. (I attach the handle to the inside of the large pocket.

I use a thick sort of polyester wadding - it is going to be washed a lot!
And really then it’s a bit of putting the small pocket on.  Right sides together with wadding. Sew around the whole thing leaving a turning gap.

Turn it through and machine all the way around which should close the gap (yes I am lazy and try to avoid hand stitching).

I then quilt it doing straight lines up the quilt from the small pocket. Then add the larger pocket (with the handle on the inside) to the quillow over the smaller one. (Trust me it works!!). Again quilt straight up the quilt to sew the large pocket on.

And its done!!!

There are more detailed patterns on-line if you look here but when you start you sort of work it out (and I tried to make a very easy one).

And the fabric is available at Threadneedle

Now, on another note, Threadneedle will closed for ten days until Thursday 25th September. We are about to go on a family holiday!!!

See you during the School Holidays and yes we do have a school holiday program.

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