24 December 2012

Its that time....

So.... progress.... if you want to call it that... (more like why do I keep adding things to the to do list???)

Managed to finish the Christmas bunting and hang it at Threadneedle before the actual day!!! The "Merry" portion will have to wait for next year (loved doing it but... not sure if I am mad enough yet).

Therefore, we wish you a Merry...

In between working out what decorations to make for teachers, what to take for the family Christmas dinner and of course Christmas shopping we of course decided to do a bit of renovating at home....

I am proud today to say my washing machine is back inside and working (goodbye laundromat!!!).

So out of the chaos that is Christmas at our house a few things have been created and have come into Threadneedle.

Jodie's Owl Post has arrived and it is amazing.

One of my sisters has loved owls for a very long time - so I think the white one on the right is going to be hers ... The brown one is a model for our School Holiday program that commences in January.

Jodie's is the beautifully finished one whereas mine still needs a bit of work (tummy feathers etc).

I have also been playing with one of Melly's bag patterns - namely The Sleepover Bag after one of our local quilters decided to make three with great results. 

This picture frame fabric from Kokka is awesome, so I had to make it (for the shop of course I said)!!!

This is a great bag - it is not for the absolute beginner but the end result is amazing - I am really happy with how it came out

So, be good and I hope Santa comes and brings you all you wish for. Stay safe and well over the festive season.


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