18 January 2013

School Holidays

We always have a range of school holiday activities running and this year is no exception.

This year we have opted for some advanced sewing classes as well as a series of craft beginner classes that included, beading, papercraft and stitching...

Whilst my beading photos were - lets just say dodgy! I am happy to show you some slightly better ones of the placemats and coasters done in our papercraft class. As you can probably see bling is an essential element of any papercraft activity! These are very talented 6 and 7 year olds!!

And the last one is beginner cross stitch utilising the Make It wooden cross stitch frames from Leutenegger.  Small and achievable and they can look amazing as a brooch or necklace... This is the owl I did but there were mushrooms and ladybugs getting worked on during the morning.

As to the more advanced sewers - there was a number of owl posts made with an assortment of letters to go in the pouch. Jodie - this pattern is an absolute pleasure to make up.

And as for me, I am working through some Apples to Oranges from the Straight Stitch Society.  Love making these - and of course I had to make both the Orange and the Apple

Hope your holidays are going well ... we are about to have some time with our boys!! Yay

Threadneedle will be closed for the final week of January.

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