08 May 2011

Westalee at our shop May 14

I met both Leonie and Bill the quilt trade shows in Melbourne a couple of years back.  Being a relatively new shop I was still finding my way but I thought the Westalee products were fantastic - and promptly bought some for the shop ... and ... me.

Leonie and Bill have created a fantastic range of quilting products that take the pain out of getting perfect corners and clean lines since then and guess what? They are coming to demonstrate them at our shop next week !!!

Why dont you come on in and see what you can do with this fantastic products - both Leonie and Bill will be with us all day.  She has even got this amazing competition going with the Westalee products which she will also talk about.


PS.. Guess what!! Daylesford Craft Experience is less than a month away and I am getting a little excited (and a lot scared)!!! I can happily confess I have seen all the designs and they are gorgeous.... I think you are going to love Melly, Jodie & Kristen's work...

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