14 September 2010

School Holidays & Stuff

I don't know how it's happened, but I've lost a week and soon it will be school holidays!!  Just when I thought I'd caught up, now I realise that is never going to happen.

We try to do some fun classes during the school holidays & we have a range of beading, papercraft & beginner sewing classes.  Mind you, the "beginner sewers" are amazing & create beautiful work.

Here are pictures of some of the things we will do & elements we will use this time ...

Beading - a circle bracelet with matching earrings:

Papercraft - decorating a journal using some of the fabulous Kaiser papers - particularly, the "Secret Bird Society" range of papers. 

Here is an example of the papers we will use ...

As for sewing - well you have seen the "Sweetie Petites" (as seen here) - they will be for beginners to attempt & will be completed during the class. 

Also, we will complete Jodie Carleton's "Happy Pails" (as seen here).  The pails will be a great introduction to embroidery, since they have hand-stitched elements in the design.

All the details & times can be downloaded from our website at Threadneedle Craft.

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