20 September 2010

Resin Jewellery Classes

We have a great resin jewellery making course at the shop commencing in November.

The course will be conducted by Sylvia Nevistic, who has been a jewellery & object-maker for 13 years.  She has taught jewellery making techniques for about 4 years & loves to pass on the skills she knows to those that want to learn.

In Sylvia's workshop, you will have the opportunity to make unique pieces of jewellery that reflect your own individual style. 

Various techniques will be discussed & used, such as using pigments for vibrant coloured pieces & embedding objects into the resin.

The course will be held over two Saturday afternoons on 13 & 20 November from 1.30 - 4.00 pm.

Some of Sylvia's jewellery works are shown below.

These resin pieces have items from our shop embedded in them - just think what you could do with some treasured objects from home!

If you would like to see some more of Sylvia's work, it may be viewed at her website & her blog.

Full details about the classes are available by following the link to Threadneedle Craft.

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