08 June 2009

William Morris

William Morris has influenced crafts-people & fabric designers for more than 100 years. As a textile designer, printer & weaver, his designs integrate nature into art & art into life.

We have books inspired by William Morris, such as "William Morris in Applique" & "William Morris Needlepoint".

Both these books include sections on basic techniques used to finish the selected projects.

"William Morris in Applique" by Michelle Hill

A collection of 6 stunning projects made from over 40
patterns ($49.95 + postage)

"William Morris Needlepoint" by Beth Russell

Revised version of this popular book with 21 designs charted in colour ($89.95 + postage)

1 comment:

  1. Both of these books are absolutely stunning. The needlepoint book has some beautiful designs of course, but also has wonderful ideas for using them. However, the applique book is marvellous - gorgeous ideas for appliques using William Morris patterns to make your own individual creations. Very lovely books.