22 June 2009

EMOtional Anna & SebBATstian

Hi again ... I've been busy!

Let me introduce you to "EMOtional Anna & SeBATstian". Another of the lovely Melly & Me patterns ($17.75 + postage).

I made this for a good friend who is a musician. Instead of a teardrop, she has a musical note beneath her eye.

She looks difficult to make, but she's not at all. The pattern is great & covers everything you need ... I really enjoyed making her!

The best news is that she is made mainly from homespun fabric, so she is relatively inexpensive to make.

1 comment:

  1. Very pretty. Doll making is great fun isn't it - creating little personalities. Love the bat as well, he is very cute. Melly and Me must have some lovely patterns.