27 September 2012

Back down to earth

We managed a mini-holiday last week just before the School Holidays. It was lovely just to have a few days as a family at Port Fairy after a busy term culminating in our DCE weekend.

Of course before we set off I had to make sure that or School Holiday program was up on the web and bookings are going along nicely.

One thing I needed to do and didn't was provide some more photos of our weekend and thank some of our supporters for the event.

First, our goodies bags....

Tea from Jodie at She-Tea - they offer an amazing organic range of teas and they have recently introduced a Daylesford range.  Also our friends at Sweet Decadence created those amazing marshmallow/caramel/chocolate yummies. 

Something that wasn't in the bag but is a mainstay of our craft experience is the giant smarties.  The Hepburn General Store orders them in for me and they are simply ... well delicious. 

On to some suppliers. There were an assortment of items from the SSS Sewing company, Birch Haberdashery and Leutenegger that were in each bag. 

You also would have received a knitting pattern from Rare Yarns designed by Zoe Bradshaw. Along with that some vouchers for Simone Perele came with our door prizes from Homespun.  Hope you get a chance to use them.

As for door prizes, we were lucky enough to get some things from some very generous suppliers for you.  Thankyou to Charles Parsons/Craft Project, PK Fabrics, Victorian Textiles, Homespun Magazine, Ristal Threads and Rare Yarns.

Then there are the "toys" that I showed you.....  The iron is a one and only in Australia at this stage and Birch Haberdashery were very kind in letting me have it for the weekend (out in November).  I just thought you might like to see that and a few other things that are coming into the crafty market. Lets face it... I like toys!!!

So I hope you had some fun this year  - I certainly did ...

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