14 August 2012

A little bit of Tranquility

We are getting quite busy (ie FRANTIC!!) here at Threadneedle

Ordering and planning, sending tickets and homework out (what is it with 38mm???). 

Checking out the designs for the retreat. Jodie and Natalie are amazingly creative and each are doing very different things.  You might see some sneak peaks on their blogs or facebook if you wander over there.

But sometimes we get some fabric in that well is just... lovely....

Introducing Tranquility.... there are a number of pieces in the range that we have in our online store and here are a few of them....

The colours are soft but it is quite simply pretty - and calming.

In addition to a panel there is a lovely border fabric that is begging to become a skirt (although I reckon I am too much of a grub for that really - maybe a panel in a skirt).

So when I am getting a wee bit FRANTIC... I look around and realise how much lovely fabric there is out there....  And yes I will take it to the Daylesford Craft Experience... I promise. 

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