21 December 2011

Its Christmas Time

The end of this year has been eventful to say the least.... Our oldest boy is finishing Primary School so there has been a lot of presentations and celebrations that we thought we would need to go to.  That was until he came down with Chicken pox!!!! And yes he was immunised which basically seems to mean you get a mild dose which is great but doesn't let you be with your friends when you really want to be...

All going well (?) our youngest should get it on Christmas day.... yes he is immunised as well....

So cards and calls and messages haven't happened and presents have only just been finalised ..... but we have got there. 

Tomorrow Threadneedle will be closed until noon on December 27th, so go and have a safe and enjoyable festive season with your loved ones ... XXX

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  1. I'm a bit late posting a comment, but love the cute reindeer on your blog. Love the new web-shop also. So much to inspire and so easy to use. Helen