31 October 2011

Wool, glorious wool

When our friends at Purl's Palace had their store, I must admit that I would wonder over every now and then for a chat and to look at all the beautiful yarn in their store.  Mostly looking at the beautiful garments, a lot of them designed by Zoe which made them even more special.

Secretly I had wished that I could knit well enough to make something for myself that looked decent enough (for a beginner knitter) for me to actually wear.

Well I did.... It was finished a while ago and I have worn it through a lot of the winter months and it has been wonderful.  Its called Stingray made with boucle wool (to hide the bad knitting) and I often wear it with one of Kristen's lovely brooches.

Hello new addiction ..... I need to do something with that Noro over there and make some.......

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