11 June 2011

Daylesford Craft Experience - Oh My

That's about all I can say about the amazing weekend that was!!

With the help of our three gorgeous designers and their equally stunning designs we went to Peppers and had a great time!!

(Melly, Jodie and Kristen found out that they can grapevine together - always important to learn new skills... )

I must thank a whole lot of people in addition to the designers.  First of all my helpers and sanity keepers during the weekend, Jill, Mark, Claire, Jody, Michelle, Gaynor.. just to name a few - through injury (that was a sharp rotary cutter!) and smiles they all did a fantastic job and are the real stars of both days.

A lot of people also kindly provided items that were in the goodies bag or as door prizes and they should be recognised as well...

Peppers, SSS Sewing group, Craft Book WholesalersVictorian Textiles, Birch Haberdashery, DMC, Zoe and Andy from Purl's, Lark, The Bathhouse, Black White & Rouge, Sweet Decadence, She-Tea, Cleopatra's Soaps, Lily loves Pearl, Jules Soaps, Crafty Squirrel and the support of the Daylesford Makers Market just to name a few...

And finally, and most importantly, thankyou to all those who came - I hope you enjoyed being with us and just ... well ... taking time out of your busy lives to ... indulge in your craft.

So with that.. the tired (and emotional!!!) Threadneedle will go and eat some chocolate and maybe have a glass of wine...

.........................and start planning 2012..........................


  1. Yay Merrilyn, can't wait to hear more, sounds like a great weekend! x

  2. Thank you, Merrilyn - and everyone else involved - for a lovely day out.