05 March 2011

Inviting a Little Menagerie to Tea

When Melly's lovely Little Menagerie fabric came in I just kept looking at it.  Then I looked at Jodie's Tea Set pattern... and well...

Ellie and Claudine needed a chat and a cuppa...

So I made them a tea set so they could be refined ladies ..... discussing all things crafty....

I think they might be talking about the Daylesford Craft Experience and what will be made by our three crafty designers...  (Saturday is nearly booked out!! Yay)

Or maybe about next weekend's Chillout activities and what time they will visit the Daylesford Makers Market..

What ever they are plotting I am sure it will involve craft and lots of tea!! (and probably chocolate as well)


  1. Merrilyn, I love it !!! I am about to make a new tea-set...maybe i'll use melly's fabric!

  2. SOOOOOOOOOO cute Merrilyn!! They are perfect out of the fabrics - yummmmmmmmmmy! :)