23 January 2011

Daylesford Craft Experience

We have started sending newsletters out and contacting people with respect to the Daylesford Craft Experience.  If you haven't received any information about it you can go here to get some information and the booking form.

 Last year we had a great time at the beautiful Peppers in Hepburn where we were well fed and cared for.  So this year we thought there was no other place to go and therefore on either June 4th or 5th you can come and indulge...

Our talented designers include Melly and  Jodie, who were both there last year and provided so much fun and inspiration that we cheered when they both said yes to come again. 

Our final designer is Kristen Doran who is from NSW and does some amazing hand printing and design.

Kristen Doran
 Unfortunately with all the excitement comes a little sadness... Zoe from Purls Palace, my lovely friend, mentor and partner in last year's Craft Experience is closing her doors on Sunday, February 6 for good ... due to family issues.  If you can drop in prior to then to say goodbye I am sure that she would appreciate it immensely.  I am absolutely sure that Zoe will succeed in anything she undertakes.

I have promised to bring her to the weekend (ie threatened to "kidnap" her) so that she can come and say hello and have some fun.

So I hope you can come and indulge yourself in craft with us in June...

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