08 December 2010

Daylesford Craft Experience

Do you remember this?

And This?

Well we are doing it all again in 2011!!!

Some of you would have received Zoe's newsletter already announcing it.  If you haven't heard then read on...

Because we had so much fun with all our beautiful designers this year it was very hard to decide what to do...  We are pleased to announce that both Melly and Jodie are coming back with bigger and brighter ideas.

The third designer will be Kristen Doran.  Kristen does some beautiful printed fabrics as well as some absolutely lovely stitcheries so go and take a look at her blog and shop and drool like I do.

The venue will again be at the lovely Peppers Springs Retreat & Spa in Hepburn with all that yummy food.

You can download the booking forms here.

Hope you can come and have some fun with us in 2011!!!

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  1. I noticed you had a flyer up about the 2011 retreat, are you the organised one?! Hope you had fun the other night, wasn't the food yummy? Not to mention the K.K's! Hey, has Oprah popped in today? xo