30 July 2009

More Prints Charming Fabrics

Look at the gorgeous fabrics that have arrived from Prints Charming! These fabrics are from the "Rainbow Garden" range.

We've been waiting for a while for these fabrics to arrive.

I'm so glad they're here ... just what we need to brighten the shop during these dreary winter months.

These fabrics retail for $26 per metre (plus postage).

"Paisley Garden - Purples"

"Rainbow Garden - Purples"

"70's Rainbow Garden"

"Offbeat Spot - Pink"

"Starburst - Orange"

28 July 2009

New Bernina Sewing Machine

I've got a bit behind with my blogging this month ... we've been busy during school holidays, juggling family & the shop.

During my time away from the shop, I've also been "playing" with my great new sewing machine, a Bernina Aurora 440QE!

I've been enjoying the new machine immensely. It's so quiet & is fantastic to work on.

Not that my old Janome was bad ... I still have it for classes so that participants can get the feel of a standard machine.