15 September 2008

Christmas Candle

Our regular card-making class, led by Pam Cetinich, has been making early preparations for Christmas.

Last week, the class made a Christmas candle & card in matching colours. What a fabulous gift!

The class meets on Thursday afternoons from 1.00-3.00 pm.

Check our class schedule on www.threadneedle.com.au for upcoming projects.

12 September 2008

Art Attack Day

On Wednesday, 21 August it was Art Attack Day at Daylesford Primary School.

Being a mum and craft addict, I was happy to contribute with the other keen mums and dads. What a lot of fun was had with our group making Bead Bugs - of course, the main feature was a bead spider!

It was great to see the creativity of the kids (Grade 4 and up) shine as we had dragonflies, scorpions and all sorts appearing.

It's amazing what a bit of florist wire and a bag of mixed beads can create!